My short-term travel bucket list

I’ve got travelling on the brain. One of my best friends is off to live in Australia for six months starting in July and for the record, it is not okay. (Not only am I unbelievably jealous, but I’m really going to miss having her around.) This time last year I was finishing my degree and planning a trip to Europe for three months and so my timehop is driving me crazy. The fact it is June and it’s getting sunny makes me feel like holiday-ing more than ever. I was stood in Dave’s front garden talking to one of his neighbours about travelling the other day and no word of a lie, I nearly drove straight to the nearest airport and hopped on the first flight out.

Before we begin, know that actually, given the chance, I want to see the whole world. South America, India, China and Japan for example, aren’t on this list, but make no mistake, they’re on my radar. Cutting this down was ridiculously hard. For now though, this is my short-term travel bucket list. Five places to see in the near future:

1. Naples – I think Italy might be one of my favourite places in the whole world, I don’t care that I haven’t seen all of it yet. I want to go back to Venice and Verona and Lake Garda and Florence. I want to see Lake Como and see more of Rome. But I suppose, if I had to choose, I’d go somewhere I hadn’t been yet. I could go to Pisa and then hop across and see Florence again. But no, I choose Naples. For the purpose of this list, destination number one is Naples.


2. Iceland – Need I give an explanation? Iceland is simply stunning, it’s landscape is like no other’s AND I want to see the Northern Lights. Going to Iceland would be like going on an other-worldly adventure. Who could say no?


3. New York – So for ages I’ve said I wouldn’t head to America until I had a lot of time on my hands. Simply because I knew that once I’d started, I wouldn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to choose just one place to see first. I wanted to go on a big holiday and road trip. Lately I’ve realised I can’t wait to see New York and especially Manhattan. I go dreamy just thinking about it. I’ll take the rest of America by storm eventually, but I’ll start with New York, because that’s a whole lot more realistic.


4.Croatia – Because when I travelled around Europe last summer, this was the place I most regretted not seeing. I want to see all of it, please don’t make me try and cut it down. It’ll be a big summer holiday and it’ll be amazing.


5. New Zealand – LORD OF THE RINGS. Need I say more? It is so beautiful and it’s genuinely just an incredible place. It’s the first place women gained the right to vote. It’s landscape is almost as crazy as Iceland’s. From what I’ve heard and seen in photos, it’s just idyllic and *deep breath* it’s worth travelling 24 hours on a plane for.


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