10 reasons to love the fact it’s October

“This year’s going way too fast”

“I’m cold. It’s raining. Where’s the summer gone?”

“Christmas stuff in the shops already !? What is the world coming to?”

One – Yes, it’s getting cold, but it’s easier to get warm than it is to keep cool. You can always pile on more layers, but taking layers off gets socially unacceptable at a point. I spend all summer wearing as little as possible, still being too warm and going in search of a shady patch. At least now, if all else fails, I can just wonder about wearing my onesie and my slanket.

Two – You can dust off your jumpers and start wearing them again and they are the best. They are super comfy and suitable for almost any occasion. I have baggy old jumpers for indoors. Baggy new jumpers for casual. I have smart jumpers too. Put a long necklace and a dress with a smart jumper and you can even wear it to dinner. Gotta love jumpers.

Three – Frost on autumn leaves has to be one of the most beautiful things in the world. They’re beautiful to look at and they sound great when they crunch too.

Four – The air smells fresher in autumn. It just does. Especially in the morning if it’s rained over night.

Five – From here on in, there are monthly reasons to celebrate. Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas! Fancy dress and fireworks and friends and family and parties and gifts galore.

Six – Guilt-free lazy time. You can’t spend two seconds curled up on the sofa in the summer without someone telling you to go make the most of the sunshine, or get some fresh air. The fact it’s cold or rainy out is the ultimate excuse to curl up under a blanket and read or watch a movie or cuddle or whatever floats your boat.

Seven – It’s also easier to be active in autumn. I don’t know about you, but when I’m sweating and all I did was open the fridge, the last thing I want to do is go for a walk, let alone a jog. However, walks through autumn leaves and muddy puddles when the skies are clear and the sun is out but it’s still cool, are just perfect.

Eight – Stews, soups, gravy, hot puddings, pumpkin spiced lattes, hot chocolate, Christmas tea, red wine, cinnamon, chocolate. The list goes on; I’m tired of eating bbq food, fruit salad and ice cream. Autumn and winter are for feasting on fantastic foods and I’ve already got started.

Nine – Better TV. Strictly, X Factor, The Apprentice, Bake Off, whatever takes your fancy. Not forgetting the release of Christmas block busters as well as the return of our favourite Christmas classics.

Ten – Soon the clocks will go back. Back, not forwards. This means one more hour of sleep, not one less. AMAZING.

1 thought on “10 reasons to love the fact it’s October

  1. Don’t forget the beautiful sunsets and sunrises you can get (without getting up too early)

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