Is Tidying Your Work or Study Space a Waste of Time?

For those of us whose moods are hugely influenced by our surroundings, creating a space which makes us feel positive can feel like the most important step towards being productive. 

And yet, this can mean starting work, or picking up that next assignment that much later because we dedicate considerable time to tidying, music selecting and sometimes even heading elsewhere in search of that positive place. 

Is it worth walking for a half hour to find the perfect spot in the park where you feel comfortable and inspired? 

Is getting the duster out at the start of the day because your desk looks mucky, really a good use of work time? I have to go with a whole hearted yes to this one on the basis that if I don’t get rid of the dust, it will bug me for the entire rest of the day. 

If you’re working from home most of the time, is it a waste of time to occasionally set up somewhere else in the house for a change of scenery? If feasible, picking up your laptop and working from a different space can be really refreshing. I’ve spent some of my most productive days set up at the dining table as a one off.

I guess that’s not for everyone though. Is it perhaps better to keep your work in one place at home, so it doesn’t feel as though it’s taking over your life? Could you then theoretically just make sure that space is always clean and tidy ahead of time?

I think it all depends on just how productive you are when you get stuck in after taking this time to set up. 

I’m all for anything that gives your mental health a boost when you’re facing deadlines or any other work or study related stresses. I say, if a positive space is what you genuinely need to be productive, it’s worth taking the time to find or create the space that makes your brain tick. And beyond that, I say it’s important to make sure you’re all set to stay healthy and hydrated too! Grab that duster and those snacks. Make sure you’re all set for whatever the day will bring, take a deep breath and then face whatever comes your way head on, safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to be distracted. Or not by dust anyway.Β 

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