Life Lessons From My Younger Self – Lesson Three – Growing up is not all bad

It’s 2021, which explains the long hair. I’m wearing my favourite PJs from Fearne Cotton’s Cath Kidston collection. They’re covered in pictures of stars and flowers and paw prints and bumble bees and dinosaurs too. They’re super comfy, they make me smile and they’re my go-to on a cold winter’s evening after a long hot shower or for weekends away, whatever the season.

I’ve got a cup of tea in hand and the eagle-eyed among you will spot the half-eaten croissant on the bed.

It’s my 27th birthday and I’ve just opened a gift box for book lovers and found inside, a new book, tea bag shaped fabric bookmark, tea bags and biscuits.

We’re away for the weekend, staying at a lovely little Air B&B near Kingham in the Cotswolds. The sun is shining and we can see golden fields from the windows. We arrived late last night, so are yet to explore the area properly and I’m so excited about the day ahead. Later, we’re going to explore the cutest village at sunset and then retreat back here to drink wine and watch Eurovision.

Growing up gets a bad rep – most of us spend our whole childhood trying to grow up only to reach adulthood and wish we could grow back down again. And for a lot of us, one of the least enjoyable bits of growing up is having to leave your childhood home for the first time.

I used to hate being away from my childhood home. At University I struggled with home sickness more than most. And I don’t love being home home any less now – cosy days in that living room in the winter and beautiful days in the sunshine in the garden will always make me happy.

But I do struggle with being away less. In fact, I’m pretty good at making myself feel at home wherever I am nowadays. And if growing up means feeling more grounded, wherever you end up, then I’m glad to be getting there.

Inspired by this slightly younger Bronwen who, in spite of butterflies and insecurities, is more grown than she realises. And who’s embracing being grown in the best way possible. Because it’s not all that bad really. Especially when grown ups get to spend birthdays in cute air B&Bs with tea and wine.

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