10 Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

One – Nothing, because you should listen to your body. You’re not lazy for taking a step back for a day and just being. Choose your comfiest possible clothes and just make sure you drink plenty of water and eat plenty too.

Two – But if you really want out of your negative funk, how about Yoga? – Yoga is hardly any effort at all, at least until you’re well into your practise and at that point there will be no going back. You’ll be left feeling accomplished, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Three – Alternatively, go for a walk. Breathe some fresh air and let your mind wander.

Four – Not feeling active, how about catching up on life admin? Have you ever just sat and sorted your personal emails into folders, whilst deleting all the trash? It can be incredibly satisfying, takes very little brain work and you can do it with your favourite album of all time playing in the background.

Five – Even better, just listen to music.

Six – If sitting at a computer doesn’t do it for you, go for something practical. How about sorting out that one cupboard that always seems to be a total mess?

Seven – Binge a TV series or two – Netflix now has a ‘Surprise me’ function so you don’t even need to spend time scrolling or decide what to watch. Although, if you want my input I’d recommend Stranger Things or Gilmore Girls. Thank me later.

Eight – Read a book. In fact, read any of the Harry Potter books. Even if you’ve read them a thousand times already.

Nine – Write in your diary. Or any old note book if you haven’t got a diary to hand. Write about why you don’t feel like doing anything. Write about something you’ve got planned which you’re excited about. Write about a past memory. Write a load of rubbish. Whatever floats your boat and helps you escape your head for a little bit.

Ten – Bake. A cake. Cookies. Cupcakes. Brownies. Make something yummy and then do any of the above with a cuppa in hand and a sweet treat on the go too (with the exception of yoga – please do not attempt any yoga pose with a cuppa in one hand a bit of rocky road in the other. Just plain Yoga is hard enough)

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