Next step, roast chicken

Sipping peppermint tea and as ever, trying to keep the Sunday night butterflies at bay – work is manic at the minute and whilst I’m actually looking forward to this week, I can’t help feeling a little nervous too.

I’ve spent a little while deciding whether to write today. It’s been an overwhelming, monumental and sad week in the UK and across the world and everyone is paying their respects to Queen Elizabeth II in their own way. Some by stepping back from creating content all together, because a national period of mourning has been announced. Some putting content out there as normal, but having to prepare themselves for the backlash from people who feel they shouldn’t be.

I’m probably not nearly important enough to be worrying about whether it’s appropriate for me to write or not. I do know that for me, to not write would feel totally unnatural. I was driving when the news that the Queen had died was announced. I drove home teary-eyed, whilst the BBC broadcast reflected on the Queen’s life and welcomed the new King to the throne. I felt so sad and I still do now. But if anything, it’s at times like these I want to write more than ever. So, on I go, whilst sending my best wishes to the Queen’s family and friends and to anyone struggling with grief this weekend.

It’s been a much needed, super lazy hazy weekend in our little world. Much needed, not just because of the sad news, but because we both had very full-on weeks anyway.

We had the best time with family and friends over to stay on Friday night. We started Saturday with bacon and sausage sarnies and Nintendo games. And, well I’ve not really moved from the sofa much since, except to head to the shops for food.

We’re fully embracing the return of cooler, darker evenings and enjoying being able to curl up on the sofa under blankets again. Last night we ate fajitas and watched TV until we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer.

Here and now, my mint tea is nearly gone, but the butterflies are still out in full force. I think perhaps it’s just going to be one of those nights. Going to try and embrace it, feel the nerves fully and keep the faith that when Monday does come around, it’ll all be okay.

We’ve got everything we need to make a roast dinner tonight. A glass of red wine and a roast dinner, with an abundance of gravy, will have me feeling all kinds of cosy in time to settle down for the night I’m sure. It’s a good job butterflies rarely keep me from eating when I’m hungry.

Relax jaw. Drop shoulders. Deep breath. Hit publish and get the oven on. Here goes…

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