An overthinker’s guide to to-doing

Morning! Sunday again and blog post time!  I absolutely love Sundays. Especially, on a slow morning like this one, when I’m still feeling cosy at 10am, curled up on the sofa in my PJs.  The life-admin to-do list keeps growing, but I had more time on my hands this week, with less travel scheduled in for work, and that helped heaps. I actually got through … Continue reading An overthinker’s guide to to-doing

Travelling With Butterflies

Back on home turf and reflecting on an incredible weekend away in Italy spent sticking a middle finger up at all of the thoughts that told me I couldn’t enjoy it. Travelling feels daunting to most of us regardless of our mental wellness. I think it’s natural. In advance, I worried about whether things would be awkward between me and the friend I was travelling … Continue reading Travelling With Butterflies

28 years older and wiser-ish

Curled up on the sofa wondering how it’s been a whole week since my birthday already. My anxiety didn’t impact negatively on the day at all. In fact, it was absolutely lovely. And of course it was. I was surrounded by family, I woke up to cuddles with the cats and then got me some puppy cuddles too. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier … Continue reading 28 years older and wiser-ish

Overthinking is my superpower

A wise person recently told me that I need to learn to love and embrace my butterflies. To feel the butterflies and decide to gratefully accept the reminder that I’m feeling anxious and gently look after myself, instead of trying to bat them away at the first sign of trouble. And I’m getting there. This blog was created by a Bronwen who I still feel … Continue reading Overthinking is my superpower