All Storms Really Do Pass

Honestly? This week wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. On Tuesday, returning to work after the bank holiday, I had a really rubbish brain day. My head was full of fluff and anxiety and everything felt difficult. I stumbled through, but by the end of it, I had a mighty tension headache and tears in my eyes. Luckily, I have some wonderful people around me who … Continue reading All Storms Really Do Pass

10 Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

One – Nothing, because you should listen to your body. You’re not lazy for taking a step back for a day and just being. Choose your comfiest possible clothes and just make sure you drink plenty of water and eat plenty too. Two – But if you really want out of your negative funk, how about Yoga? – Yoga is hardly any effort at all, … Continue reading 10 Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

Life Lesson From My Younger Self – Lesson Two – My Truly Happy Place

It’s funny, normally when we think of children, we picture them moving through life at 100mph, never being able to focus on one thing for too long without getting bored. But when I think of little Bronwen, sat for hours in a chair reading a book or playing house, I remember I didn’t always have to be busy to be happy. From memory, I was … Continue reading Life Lesson From My Younger Self – Lesson Two – My Truly Happy Place

Pandemic Post 1 – I just don’t feel right

This will be my third try at a blog post. I’ve been trying and failing to write over the last few weeks: I had this grand idea that I’d start writing daily throughout this global pandemic. I was going to call the chapter ‘A blog a day to keep the blues at bay‘. But every time I put pen to paper (or started typing, but … Continue reading Pandemic Post 1 – I just don’t feel right

Week Fifty-Two

As after most Christmases, the arm of the chair that I am sat in is piled high with books: The new 2020 diary I got for Christmas, Fearne Cotton’s ‘Calm’, Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch (I’m on chapter 8 and loving every second), and a very thick pad titled ‘642 things to write about’ (which I cannot wait to start working my way through). … Continue reading Week Fifty-Two

Week Forty-One

This one’s for my Mum and her sisters, my aunties. I love you all so much. The theme of 2019 has definitely been ups and downs. I’ve had months full of happy memories and positivity and other months that have been huge struggles. Whether it’s been my mental health getting me down or things going on at home. I don’t want to write a super … Continue reading Week Forty-One

Week Thirty-Six

Oh heyyy! So, the house move has gone surprisingly smoothly for me. Especially considering my inability to accept change, close attachment to places and things and general emotional-ness. I was super emotional when we eventually said goodbye to the flat, but in my defence, it had been one of those weeks anyway and I was due a good cry. Also, it was so super strange … Continue reading Week Thirty-Six