Kitten Neutering/Spaying – Our Experience

Searching online in the lead up to the kittens’ neutering op, I struggled to find an honest account of the whole experience anywhere. And so I’m writing this in the hope it helps a nervous new kitten-owner somewhere prepare. Before I say anything more though, I am no expert. This was simply our experience and from what I gather, all kittens are different and the … Continue reading Kitten Neutering/Spaying – Our Experience

Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Kittens

Number 1: They’re absolutely tiny, breakable and yet super adventurous. I was not prepared for just how fragile 8 week old kittens would seem. Everyone talks about how resilient cats are and to be fair, by the time these girls were three months old they seemed invincible, but in those first few weeks they didn’t seem resilient at all. They were tiny and delicate and … Continue reading Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Kittens