28 years older and wiser-ish

Curled up on the sofa wondering how it’s been a whole week since my birthday already. My anxiety didn’t impact negatively on the day at all. In fact, it was absolutely lovely. And of course it was. I woke up to cat cuddles and then spent the day surrounded by family, including Dave’s parents’ new puppy, Ollie. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day. … Continue reading 28 years older and wiser-ish

Is Tidying Your Work or Study Space a Waste of Time?

For those of us whose moods are hugely influenced by our surroundings, creating a space which makes us feel positive can feel like the most important step towards being productive.  And yet, this can mean starting work, or picking up that next assignment that much later because we dedicate considerable time to tidying, music selecting and sometimes even heading elsewhere in search of that positive … Continue reading Is Tidying Your Work or Study Space a Waste of Time?

Birthday Butterflies

I’m 28 tomorrow. I’d fully intended to draft an inspiring and upbeat birthday post to publish in celebration. I LOVE my birthday and I couldn’t wait to write about how far I’ve come since I was 18 and about my hopes and dreams for the years ahead.  Instead, I’ve hit a mental health blip. And I considered not writing – who wants to hear from … Continue reading Birthday Butterflies

Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Kittens

Number 1: They’re absolutely tiny, breakable and yet super adventurous. I was not prepared for just how fragile 8 week old kittens would seem. Everyone talks about how resilient cats are and to be fair, by the time these girls were three months old they seemed invincible, but in those first few weeks they didn’t seem resilient at all. They were tiny and delicate and … Continue reading Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Kittens

Overthinking is my superpower

A wise person recently told me that I need to learn to love and embrace my butterflies. To feel the butterflies and decide to gratefully accept the reminder that I’m feeling anxious and gently look after myself, instead of trying to bat them away at the first sign of trouble. And I’m getting there. This blog was created by a Bronwen who I still feel … Continue reading Overthinking is my superpower

Pandemic Post 4 – This is not easy

Just thought I’d pop up today to point out the obvious – Christmas is not going to be as planned and whether you’re directly affected by the changes announced yesterday or not, the news we’re now hearing is not easy to receive. At the end of a year when we’re all feeling lonely, tired and mentally exhausted and many of us heartbroken after the loss … Continue reading Pandemic Post 4 – This is not easy

Pandemic Post 2 – Is it just me?

Or have things just got that little bit harder? Honestly? I caught myself thinking really negatively when looking at myself in the mirror this morning and it was that which turned my thoughts to the idea of blogging again. I have seen a few social media posts dedicated to positive body image, but the majority of stuff I’m seeing online suggests that I should be … Continue reading Pandemic Post 2 – Is it just me?

Pandemic Post 1 – I just don’t feel right

This will be my third try at a blog post. I’ve been trying and failing to write over the last few weeks: I had this grand idea that I’d start writing daily throughout this global pandemic. I was going to call the chapter ‘A blog a day to keep the blues at bay‘. But every time I put pen to paper (or started typing, but … Continue reading Pandemic Post 1 – I just don’t feel right

Week Fifty-Two

As after most Christmases, the arm of the chair that I am sat in is piled high with books: The new 2020 diary I got for Christmas, Fearne Cotton’s ‘Calm’, Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch (I’m on chapter 8 and loving every second), and a very thick pad titled ‘642 things to write about’ (which I cannot wait to start working my way through). … Continue reading Week Fifty-Two