Overthinking is my superpower

A wise person recently told me that I need to learn to love and embrace my butterflies. To feel the butterflies and decide to gratefully accept the reminder that I’m feeling anxious and gently look after myself, instead of trying to bat them away at the first sign of trouble. And I’m getting there.

This blog was created by a Bronwen who I still feel so proud of, but who still had so much to learn. In the beginning, to me, Blogging Goodbye to Butterflies meant writing about my worries until the butterflies buggered off and left me well and truly alone. Now, I think it’s more about acknowledging I’m feeling anxious, taking a deep breath and writing, because writing helps me to feel calmer and more grounded. It’s a gentler, less resentful approach to the whole butterfly invasion. It’s like ‘hi little butterflies, thanks for reminding me to take time for myself. I’ll do that right now and I’ll see you again soon’

I’m less resentful of the fact I’m an overthinker nowadays. In fact, I think overthinking might just be my superpower. You can bet in every situation I’ve thought over every possible outcome and am prepared for anything. I’m super open about how I’m feeling because the way I cope with overthinking my relationships is simply to pour my heart out to anyone involved and ask them if I’m going crazy. AND I’ve gotten proper good at reading a room – you can bet I’ve considered how every single person might be feeling and what they think of my outfit before anyone else has even made themselves comfortable. 

It’s been a long time since Chapter Five. If you’re new here, hi. If you’re part of the old crowd, thanks for waiting. Watch out for a lot more ‘More from me’ content this time around. I still want to write blogs about every-day life as a worrier warrior. But I’m also excited to write more posts about travelling and my hobbies. In July of last year, we got kittens and so there will be some cat related content too.

Whatever topic I’m covering, I want to write about living with anxiety, not trying to overcome it. Welcome to a chapter titled ‘Joyfully Overthinking’ – written by me as the person I am now, still full of butterflies, but a little less resentful of them. Or trying to be.

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