Los Angeles, Mexico City and Home Together Again

The sun is shining through our living room windows, Willow is sunbathing next to me and Dave is about to start cooking dinner. Just a week back home together and it feels as though he never went away. I hadn’t imagined my previous blog post would be the last before I left for LA; I imagined I’d blog again before I left and I’d be … Continue reading Los Angeles, Mexico City and Home Together Again

Rain, butterflies and a chocolate covered cappuccino

It’s a gloomy, rainy Sunday here, but the clocks sprung forward in the UK last night and so warmer, sunnier days are definitely on the way – hooray! Any of you who have been reading along long enough/know me well enough will know, I secretly love a gloomy day anyway. Right now, I’m curled up in my dressing gown, with a blanket and a cuppa, … Continue reading Rain, butterflies and a chocolate covered cappuccino

Five Feel Good Food and Drink Recipes

The feel good, but simple recipes we all need to get us through those low mood days. Easy to Make Raspberry and Orange smoothie – Stock yourself up with long-life natural yoghurt, frozen raspberries and a jar of honey and you’ll have almost everything you need when the next gloomy day comes around. Add orange juice and ta-da, you have a super healthy, yummy smoothie … Continue reading Five Feel Good Food and Drink Recipes

Even when you think you can’t you can

I hit rock bottom Wednesday morning. I felt extremely alone and I missed Dave terribly. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to go on without things going back to the way they were. I couldn’t accept the change (even if temporary). And I didn’t want to either. I wanted to be able to pick up the phone and tell him to come … Continue reading Even when you think you can’t you can

A whole new year

Just finished washing up and my fingers are all wrinkly, as if I’ve just got out of a lovely long bath. My hair’s a total mess and I’m wearing an old jumper with pyjama bottoms, but I feel like writing for the first time in forever, so I’m smiling hugely (Hey there 2023 readers and thanks for sticking with me!). The lounge behind my laptop … Continue reading A whole new year

Every day’s a school day

I’ve learned three things this week. 1. Paddington Station is hands down the most confusing station in London and it’s no wonder Paddington Bear ended up lost and when he tried to navigate it alone. Friday night some super lovely friends and I had arranged to meet there, because we were kick-starting a night of celebrations by taking a GoBoat out on the canals. When … Continue reading Every day’s a school day

Next step, roast chicken

Sipping peppermint tea and as ever, trying to keep the Sunday night butterflies at bay – work is manic at the minute and whilst I’m actually looking forward to this week, I can’t help feeling a little nervous too. I’ve spent a little while deciding whether to write today. It’s been an overwhelming, monumental and sad week in the UK and across the world and … Continue reading Next step, roast chicken

Girls just wanna have fun

Happy Sunday! It actually is such a happy Sunday in my world today. I’m full of banana and blueberry waffles, which were good for the body and soul when enjoyed with a coffee this morning. The sun is shining, but it’s nowhere near as hot and sticky in the flat as it has been the last few weeks. I’m just home from an absolutely wonderful … Continue reading Girls just wanna have fun

A Fresh Perspective

The picture hasn’t really changed since I wrote my last post about taking life one scorcher of a day at a time. I’m still plodding through, trying to remember to drink water, eat well and shave my legs. And trying not to let the news get me down. The last few days have been better, in spite of temperatures being on the rise again. Mid-week … Continue reading A Fresh Perspective

One scorcher of a day at a time

There’s absolutely no doubt it’s summer now: I’ve got an insect bite on my elbow which is so itchy I could scream, I have tan lines on my feet where my sandals should be and I’m running out of summery enough clothes to wear. As a winter girl, I’m trying to make the best of it. I am admittedly loving that our weekends are full … Continue reading One scorcher of a day at a time