An overthinker’s guide to to-doing

Morning! Sunday again and blog post time! 

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love Sundays. Especially, on a slow morning like this one, when I’m still feeling cosy at 10am, curled up on the sofa in my PJs. 

The life-admin to-do list keeps growing, but I had more time on my hands this week, with less travel scheduled in for work, and that helped heaps. I actually got through a fair amount of life stuff, as well as work stuff and when I looked over the list again yesterday morning, I was well chuffed. 

It really helps me to have an ongoing to-do list on my phone. As an overthinker, I can find my mind drifting to things that need doing mid-conversation. (I imagine I must glaze over in these moments and the people that love me must just carry on chatting away, waiting for me to return to the present.) But having a list on my phone, allows me to let go of the mental list. Providing I remember to check the list whenever I have a spare moment, I feel more confident that things won’t be forgotten and less obsessed with keeping them front of mind. 

A life admin to-do list can feel endless though and it’s easy to let the constant cycle of to-doing drive you crazy. I’ve been there – feeling burned out and exasperated because just one day off from washing up feels like a mahoosive failure. It’s not. We face enough deadlines at work, without putting pressure on ourselves in our personal life too. A wise person recently taught me about wants and shoulds and about the importance of balance. We have to make sure that we’re doing just as many things we want to do as things we feel like we should. Because if we keep up the balance, we’re more likely to tackle the things that need doing consistently.

Off to tackle the next few bits and pieces on my to-do list now. Right after I’ve made just one more cup of tea.  

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