Full of Pride

Curled up on the sofa with the cutest puppy ever, watching his favourite Disney+ TV show (yes, he has a favourite).

Happy bank holiday to everyone in the UK! And all the love in the world to anyone who’s having to work through it. You’ve got this and I hope you get some you-time soon!

I extended my bank holiday weekend and so, without meaning to rub it in, for me the weekend started on Thursday.

Thursday was such a good day too. I still got my morning walk in, but instead of working the rest of the day, I got to read and write and tweet and even went to see my Dad and Brother for a cuppa.

Friday was spent road-tripping over to Wales, headed to stay with my friend Tasha from uni. Once I got there, we spent our evening in the hot tub with a glass of wine each.

We spent the day yesterday in Cardiff joining the Pride celebrations and it filled me with so much joy. And not just because I got to be back in one of my favourite cities in the world with one of my favourite people.

It angers and humbles me that there was a time, not very long ago, when attending a Pride Parade would mean literally putting your life in danger. Even today, there’s a risk of protests and confrontation.

I feel very lucky that I got to enjoy all the best bits of Pride. Where I stood to watch the parade I was surrounded by happy, smiling people shouting in support and waving their flags. At the festival, we boogyed the evening away covered in glitter and rainbows. And I experienced the whole thing through literal rose-tinted, heart-shaped glasses!

Now I’m in Essex with Dave, staying at his parents’ house while they’re away and smiling at the thought of another day off tomorrow. As we’re puppy sitting tonight, we’ve treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway and we’re planning to scroll through Netflix until we find a good film to watch. And I might have another cheeky glass of wine, because why not?

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