Girls just wanna have fun

Happy Sunday!

It actually is such a happy Sunday in my world today. I’m full of banana and blueberry waffles, which were good for the body and soul when enjoyed with a coffee this morning. The sun is shining, but it’s nowhere near as hot and sticky in the flat as it has been the last few weeks.

I’m just home from an absolutely wonderful weekend away with some lovely girls which has left me feeling super duper refreshed and chilled.

We went to beautiful Cambridge and spent our time eating, drinking and wandering. Honestly that’s it. We just went with the flow, enjoyed our new surroundings and hunted down the cutest coffee shops and scrummiest brunches.

I was very nearly tempted by an oversized black denim jacket when shopping among all of the autumnal clothes that are filling the clothes rails now. I was so excited to find the rails full of cute jumpers again. BUT I’m proud of the Bronwen who found the will power to say no to the jacket, for now, and keep to her budget for the weekend instead. Now I’ve one more afternoon of freedom before Monday comes around and I’m determined to make the most of it.

The girls I spent the weekend with have all inspired me in different ways. I’m left feeling like getting my life in order. First things first, I’m going to hoover and then I think it’s about time I sorted the wardrobes out – anyone else’s wardrobes descend into a total mess no-matter how many times you ‘Marie Kondo’ them?

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