A whole new year

Just finished washing up and my fingers are all wrinkly, as if I’ve just got out of a lovely long bath. My hair’s a total mess and I’m wearing an old jumper with pyjama bottoms, but I feel like writing for the first time in forever, so I’m smiling hugely (Hey there 2023 readers and thanks for sticking with me!).

The lounge behind my laptop screen is a much better sight to behold. I can see both cats – Mambo’s snoozing in her radiator hammock and Willow is on her favourite sofa cushion. They look as cute as ever. I was reluctant to take the Christmas decorations down, but now that we have, I’m enjoying how fresh and clean the place looks. Whilst I’m sad Christmas is over, I can’t help feeling excited for the year ahead.

I wasn’t feeling this optimistic a couple of weeks ago. Caught in Chrimbo Limbo, feeling icky after eating a dodgy risotto and missing out on plans with friends, I was a proper misery guts. I finished 2022 feeling tired and burned out and wondering where on Earth I was going to find the energy to face a whole new year.

We spent a really lovely New Year’s Eve eating and drinking, playing games and watching Jools Holland and then we went to bed, sleepy and happy. But on New Year’s Day, I woke up full of butterflies and with a head full of worries about the cats and the length of my to-do list.

In the end, the return to routine did me good and before I knew it, I was back in my stride. And it didn’t take me long to come to the realisation, that I don’t need the energy to face a whole new year. All I need to do is tackle each day as it comes.

In less than a week, Dave is flying to L.A for work and he’s not back until mid-April. And it would be so easy to spend the next three months sulking, feeling lonely and wishing the time away. But I’m resolving to focus on the present this year and I know that will help me through, as it has so many times before. I will savour time with friends and family and be thankful for the company of the cats. And I will savour time to focus on me.

Whatever challenges you’ve got coming your way this year, remember to return to the now as often as you can and focus on the little things. And I’ll be here, hopefully back on the blogging band-wagon and trying to do the same.

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