A Fresh Perspective

The picture hasn’t really changed since I wrote my last post about taking life one scorcher of a day at a time. I’m still plodding through, trying to remember to drink water, eat well and shave my legs. And trying not to let the news get me down.

The last few days have been better, in spite of temperatures being on the rise again. Mid-week last week, inspired by someone close to me, I resolved to come up with a new daily routine which would get me feeling more energised again.

First step – get out for a walk every morning before the temperatures start to rise. Walk in the shade and get a proper good dose of really fresh morning air, before starting the working from home day.

I also started a gratitude journal, which I’ve been completing every morning. Starting the day feeling grateful has actually been helping a bunch. And I know that’s not news. Influencers have been harping on about gratitude journals for literally years, but I’m not sure I believed it’d make a difference until I actually started. I found an app called ‘Presently’ which I hugely recommend. It’s simple and elegant and you can pick your own colour theme.

Meanwhile, I’ve been speaking to people about how I’ve been feeling and it’s been a comfort to find out that many of us are feeling the exact same way! In England, we had our driest July since 1934 and the temperatures got higher than ever before. And as English people I believe we’re simply not wired to deal with being hot all of the time. We grumble about the rain, but we love it really.

Speaking of rain lovers… Happy Birthday to my Dad! I love the smell of rain and the sound of footsteps on gravel so much because of you; because I so fondly remember us sticking our waterproofs on and following footpaths through miles of beautiful countryside when I was younger. We’ve got the love of crisp, cold winter days in common and we’ll get through this sticky summer together. And for now, I’ll just keep badgering you with random questions about insurance, cats and best before dates, because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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